New EP: Kwes – Ilpix. (2014/09/15) [Full Album Stream]

:: Tune!


Stream the EP in full via, Dazed Magazine.

Cover Art:

Artist: Kwes
Title of EP: Ilpix.
Release Date: September 15, 2014
Label: Warp Records

01. Purplehands (Joe Goddard’s Walk In The Park Mix)
02. Rollerblades (Tom Vek’s 8-On-The-Floor Remix)
03. Hives II feat. Jeremiah Jae
04. Purplehands (patten Remix)

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More ‘Kwes’ on Music Pickings:
2013, Nov 29 – Debut Album: Ilp / Track ‘Cablecar’
2013, Jan 24 – Bashful + New Single ‘Rollerblades’ (2013/01/21)



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