Debut EP: Pale – The Comeback (2014/09/08) [Full EP Stream + Free Download]

:: Really not getting enough of these four tracks. Download & enjoy!

I couldn’t find out much about Pale, except that the electropop duo is hailing from London and they’re giving away their music for free. Only thing they ask in return is to support them by sharing their music and visiting their shows. A fair deal, if you ask me. Ten months ago, Pale released their latest track Rundown, which is now followed-up by The Comeback, a new four-track EP.

The Comeback EP was self-released digitally on September 08, 2014. Listen to the entire EP above. You can download all four tracks from Pale’s Soundcloud, only thing you have to do is downloading them separately.

Pale are playing London’s Shacklewell Arms on October 08.

Cover Art:
Pale - The Comeback EP (2014)

01. Comeback
02. Two Wrongs
03. New Man
04. Silence

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