New Single: Zola Blood – Meridian (2014/08/22) / Applescal Remix [Free Download]

:: Absolutely wonderful.


Zola Blood are Matt [vocals/guitar], Ed [synth], Sam [drums] and Rob [guitar] from Hackney, London. With their first song Grace, the synth-pop foursome quickly climbed high up the Hype Machine charts. Watch the official video for the song here if you wanna find out why.

Their fabulous new single Meridian was unveiled via Soundcloud on August 22, 2014,  listen to it above.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Music Ninja, Zola Blood talked their band history and influences: “Zola Blood was born in October last year, after a few months sharing dodgy iPhone recordings between the four of us. We found a little box studio out in Hackney Wick and have been writing, recording and procrastinating out there ever since.” Read the entire feature here.

Berlin-based producer Applescal did a really great remix of Meridian which you can download for free from Soundcloud.

Cover Art:

Zola Blood - Meridian (2014)


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The Music Ninja – TMN Unveils the Mystery Behind Zola Blood


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