New Album: Electric Wire Hustle – Love Can Prevail (2014/09/08)

:: Love. Love. Love.


The line up: Mara TK (vocals, guitar, turntables, production), David “Taay Ninh” Wright (multiple instruments), and Myele Manzanza (drums).

Cover Art:

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Title of Album: If These Are The Last Days
Release Date: September 8, 2014
Label: Somethinksound and Okayplayer

1 If These Are the Last Days
2 Loveless
3 By & Bye
4 Bottom Line
5 The Spirit
6 Look in the Sky
7 Light Goes a Long Way
8 To See You Again
9 Blackwater
10 Numbers and Steel

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sep 13 // Bardot // Miami, FL, US

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Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


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2014, Aug 07 – New Single: Look In The Sky
2014, May 31 – New EP: If These Are The Last Days (2014/06/02) / Flako Remix ‘Bottom Line’
2012, July 26 – Perception




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