New Album: Duologue – Never Get Lost (2014/09/08) / New Music Video for ‘Memex’

:: Really not getting enough of this sound!

It’s only eighteen months since London-based electronica/alternative five-piece Duologue released their full-length debut Song & Dance via Killing Moon. In April, they already had the five-track EP Memex out, and now Duologue go one better with their sophomore LP Never Get Lost which is out now.

Never Get Lost drops officially in the UK/Europe on September 08, 2014 via Wild Game Records. Germany already saw release on September 05. The album will be available as download and CD, you can buy digitally from iTunes or order your physical copy here. Never Get Lost is produced by Duologue and mixed by Ian Dowling.

Memex is the title track of Duologue’s previous EP. The song now comes with an impressive music video that premiered a few days ago on Nowness. The film was made by Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with Analog & FBFX and it’s produced by Emily Rudge, watch it above.


Drag & Drop is the current single taken from Never Get Lost. Listen to the song above and download it for free from Soundcloud. The album track Forests is streaming below, you can download it for free from Soundcloud too. Duologue are playing a single show at London Oslo on September 17, you can order your tickets here.

Cover Art:
Duologue - Never Get Lost (2014)

01. Memex
02. Correctress
03. Forests
04. Sibling
05. Traps
06. All Night Shows
07. This is Happening
08. Drag & Drop
09. Departures
10. Parts of the Blame

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Wed 17 Sep 2014 // London, UK // Oslo

Follow ‘Duologue’ on:
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube


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