Christian Löffler – Notes [Sieren Remix] / ‘Young Alaska Remixes’ (2014/08/29)

:: This track is pure magic.


I’m a big fan of Christian Löffler’s delicate electronic productions ever since the release of his acclaimed full-length debut A Forest in 2012. This year saw him submitting his sophomore LP Young Alaska, easily drawing on his debut when it comes to quality and success. Some of the tracks on Young Alaska got remixed by other artists, and some of those remixed found way into official release. Two weeks ago, a remix of Notes by Berlin based UK producer Matt Adams aka Sieren premiered over at Italian music magazine Soundwall. I feel in love with his take on Notes on first listen, and I’m really glad that it’s now streaming for free on his Soundcloud, listen above.

Sieren’s remix of Löfflers’s original track Notes was first released on August 14, 2014 via KI Records. For the past two weeks, it was available exclusively on Beatport. Since Friday (August 29), the Young Alaska Remixes are available in every shop, including iTunes.

The release also includes a remix of the Young Alaska lead single All Comes feat. Gry by Berlin based Italian producers Alessandro and Federico Fognini aka Mind Against. Listen to their take on All Comes below.

Cover Art:
Christian Löffler - Notes (Siren Remix)

01. All Comes [feat. Gry] (Mind Against Remix)
02. Notes (Sieren Remix)


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