New Single: Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky [Short Film]

:: Song and video are making my hold my breath … in awe.

Iron Sky has been my favourite song on Paolo Nutini’s tremendous third album Caustic Love right from the first listen. It’s the kind of song that makes you stop doing whatever you’re doing at the moment, lets you forget what you’re thinking and leaves no space for anything else. In that respect it makes me even happier that Iron Sky – which features an extract from Charlie Chaplin’s speech in his 1940 anti-war satire The Great Dictator – has now become a visual companion that meets the beauty and quality of the song just perfectly.

The epic short film is directed by acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe who – some of you might remember – is also responsible for one of my favourite music videos of all times: the ten-minute short film for the fabulous The Shoes song Time To Dance (2010) in which Jake Gyllenhaal starred as serial killer.

On occasion of the video premiere a few days ago, Wolfe told The Guardian: “I was sent the track with no explanation from Paolo. As a child I stared at the planet Jupiter and had a vivid hallucinatory experience. A feeling of abject terror. In bondage to an omnipotent machine. When I heard the Chaplin quote I remembered this clearly. So the video became a dystopian vision of the future as imagined by a child in the 80s.

The song was released in the US on the Iron Sky EP already on April 15 via Atlantic Records (courtesy of Warner Music UK). The EP features two more songs of Caustic Love, a live version of lead single Scream (Funk Up My Life) and an acoustic recording of the album track Better Man. You can listen to the entire set over at Spotify. But as Caustic Love is finally going to be released in North America on September 16 (pre-order here), Iron Sky is also Nutini’s new single. I hope this gets the song the admiration it deserves.

Cover Art:
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky EP (2014)

01. Iron Sky
02. Let Me Down Easy
03. One Day
04. Scream (Funk Up My Life) [BBC Live Version]
05. Better Man [Acoustic]

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