Dawn Golden – Discoloration [Worrydoll Remix]

:: Absolutely loving this take on Discoloration!


Worrydoll is the moniker of US West Coast songwriter and producer Daryl Lamont. Recently he did his very first remix, a take on the Dawn Golden (aka Dexter Tortoriello of Houses) track Discoloration.

The Worrydoll Remix of Discoloration was released on August 08, 2014 via Worrydoll’s Soundcloud, check it out above. The original version of Discoloration is featured on Still Life, the debut album of Tortoriello’s Dawn Golden project which was released last May.

Cover Art:
Dan Golden - Discoloration (Worrydoll Remix) (2014)

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More ‘Dawn Golden’ on Music Pickings:
2014, May 30 − Debut Album: Still Life (2014/05/13) [Full Album Stream]


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