Debut Album: Kodacrome – Aftermaths (2014/07/29) [Full Album Stream]

:: Some synthesizer love from Brooklyn!


Brooklyn’s Kodacrome – composed of Elissa Pociask and Ryan Casey – have been on my to-watch-list for quite a while now, and a few days ago the synth-pop duo ultimately released their full-length debut Aftermaths.

Aftermaths was self-released on July 29, 2014. The set often ten new Kodacrome tracks is available as digital download (any possible format) and limited 12″ 180g vinyl LP (incl. download. You can buy/order your copy of Aftermaths from Bandcamp or iTunes.

The album is streaming in its entirety above (via Bandcamp). Last year’s single Strike The Gold is also featured on Aftermaths. The song came with a wonderful music video directed by Kelsey Rose Siepser, watch the clip here. Immaculada is the current second single, it comes with a gorgeously hand-drawn stop/motion lyric video that you can check out below.

On occasion of the single premiere, singer/lyricist Elissa Pociask told Indieshuffle of Immaculada and Aftermaths: “After reading this book called The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, I decided to write a series of historical portrait songs as an exercise. The piece I did on Christopher Columbus ended up being the only one I kept, and after some tweaking, it turned into “Immaculada.” I was really amused by how the author, Will Cuppy was able to pair down a lifetime of obsessive ambition to a little man chasing down some cinnamon sticks in his boat. Ryan and I had been playing with the idea of water with the record so far, and had touched upon how water can be soothing, or foggy, or a slow drip, so this idea of water being a feverish vehicle for exploration was a new twist for us to work with for the album.”

Cover Art:
Kodacrome - Aftermaths (2014)

01. White Love
02. Immaculada
03. Buggy Bumper
04. Strike The Gold
05. Panama
06. Dripstone
07. Be My Oyster
08. Mugshot
09. Solitary and Elect
10. The City Is Burning

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