New Album: Zulu Winter – Stutter (2014/07/21) / New Video for ‘Heavy Rain’ / New Single ‘Feel Love’

:: Some really great songs on this collection. Good luck for the future guys!


Zulu Winter are Will Daunt [vox/guitar], Henry Walton [guitar], Iain Lock [bass/vox], Dom Millard [keys] and Guy Henderson [drums]. The London-based alternative pop outfit released their wonderful debut album Language in 2012, and now they’ve put out a sophomore album of a different kind. Entitled Stutter, the set is a collection of (partly older) studio and home recordings which haven’t seen release before.

Stutter was released digitally and worldwide yesterday (July 22, 2014) via Fierce Panda Record. You can buy your copy of the album from iTunes.

The album is streaming in its entirety over at Spotify. Five of the songs on Stutter are fully completed studio recordings, the other five have not stepped beyond demo stage and were self-produced by Zulu Winter. On June 05, the band announced via their Facebook that after 15 years of playing together, it would be time to try out new ways and leave Zulu Winter behind, at least for now. The members continue writing music together and they may return together in the future. Stutter is to be understood as a parting gift by Zulu Winter to their fans who have supported them over the years.

Heavy Rain was the first track unveiled off Stutter. The amazing song comes with a music video directed by David Higgs, check it out above. Second single Feel Love is streaming below (via the band’s Soundcloud).

Cover Art:
Zulu Winter - Stutter (2014)

01. Trigger
02. Games
03. Heavy Rain
04. Feel Love
05. Other Man
06. Need You Onside
07. Silence Is Golden
08. The Drift
09. Let Sleep Close Your Eyes
10. Bodies


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