New Album: Grandjean – Together / Single ‘In Bits and Pieces’

:: Thank you for your music, Nikolaj!


Cover Art:

Artist: Grandjean
Title of Album: Together
Release Date: May 2, 2014
Label: Embassy Of Music

1 Struck by Lightning
2 Watching Stars
3 Microphone
4 All Eyes on She I Desire
5 One Shot
6 In the Arms of Arms
7 Every Hour Spent
8 In Bits and Pieces
9 Howl On How Long
10 The Truth
11 Little Right Monsters
12 In a Cycle of Relation
13 Drugdealer
14 Matters
15 Woe
16 Cynic Be Foreign
17 Prove Me Wrong Again
18 Youth Will Never Leave
19 Even Even
20 When No One Leaves You

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