New Album: Sia – 1000 Forms Of Fear (2014/07/07)

:: I needed a few tries with this album, but I’m liking it more and more with every listen.


A few days ago, Australian pop singer and songwriter Sia Furler, simply known by her first name, returned with her sixth studio album 1000 Forms Of Fear. It’s her first release in four year and follows her highly successful 2010 LP We Are Born. Sia, however, isn’t a conventional pop star at all, she refused to do promotion and touring and always felt uncomfortable with being famous. On the heels of We Are Born‘s success, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol and even planned on committing suicide. Prevented from it by a friend, she straightened up and focussed on writing (very popular) songs for other artists which sharpened her profile as a talented songwriter. In late 2013, a RCA record deal guaranteed that she wouldn’t have to do touring, press or promotional appearances – and so she started working on her new LP.

1000 Forms Of Fear was officially released in the UK/Europe on July 07, 2014 via Monkey Puzzle / RCA Records. North American release followed on July 08. Australia and New Zealand already saw release of the LP on July 04. 1000 Forms Of Fear  is available as download, CD and 12″ vinyl LP. You can buy digitally from iTunes or order your physical copy from Amazon.

The set of twelve tracks is streaming in its entirety over at Spotify, in case you wanna have a full listen. 1000 Forms Of Fear was mainly produced by Greg Kurstin with additional production by Diplo on Elastic Heart and Jesse Shatkin on Chandelier. Kurstin also co-wrote many of the tracks, Diplo (aka Thomas Wesley Pentz) and Shatkin co-wrote the songs they also helped producing.

Listen above to the fabulous ballad Big Girls Cry, the second track unveiled off of 1000 Forms Of Fear after lead single Chandelier. The album track Eye Of The Needle is streaming below. On live performances, Sia sings with her back turned to audience while other artists do some kind of performance to the song. In an interview with Daze, she explained this concept:

I already have a much larger concept for this album and for how I’m going to present it and that was: I don’t want to be famous. If Amy Winehouse was a beehive then I guess I’m a blonde bob. I thought ‘well if that’s my brand, how can I avoid having to use my face to sell something’, so my intention was to create a blonde bob brand. Throughout this whole thing I’ll put a different person in a blonde bob and either they lip-synch while I’m doing a live performance or they perform a dance or do some sort of performance while I have my back to the audience, as with Ellen [Degeneres].

Cover Art:
Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear (2014)

01. Chandelier
02. Big Girls Cry
03. Burn The Pages
04. Eye Of The Needle
05. Hostage
06. Straight For The Knife
07. Fair Game
08. Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo)
09. Free The Animal
10. Fire Meet Gasoline
11. Cellophane
12. Dressed In Black


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