New Album: Bright Light Bright Light – Life Is Easy (2014/07/07) / New Single ‘I Believe’ [Official Video]

:: Although I gotta admit that I liked Rod Thomas’ debut album more, the follow-up still is a very enjoyable pop record.

Life Is Easy was officially released in the UK/Europe on July 07, 2014 via Self Raising Records. North American release followed on July 08. The set of eleven tracks is available as download, CD, Audio Cassette and limited edition 12″ Gatefold Vinyl. Pre-Orders via the Bright Light Bright Light Shop are completely sold-out (except cassettes), but you can buy the digital album from iTunes or order your physical copy of Life Is Easy from Amazon.

You can listen to Life Is Easy in its entirety as it’s available on Spotify. The album is written and produced by Rod Thomas and The Invisible Man. Its songs were inspired by a six months sojourn of Thomas in New York City. I a recent This Music Made Me feature for music OMH, Thomas explained the meaning of Life Is Easy:  “The record is based around the idea of missing the bigger picture, how it’s easy to forget to look around you and see what you have. The songs are about family, friends and lovers and what it is about them you love, hate, miss, remember and keep with you.” For this feature he also compiled a playlist of songs that formed and inspired himself as a musician, check it out entirely here.

The official video for the new single I Believe is co-directed by Andrew Ellmaker and Blake Martin. The clip dropped a few days ago via YouTube, watch it above. Bright Light Bright Light have a handful shows ahead (band and dj). You can check out the upcoming dates below and check out the official video for the previously released album track I Wish Were Leaving featuring Elton John. The single/clip was released in March, it’s directed by Johnny Lochland and was produced by James Loosemore.

Cover Art:
Bright Light Bright Light - Life Is Easy (2014)

01. Everything I Ever Wanted
02. There Are No Miracles
03. I Wish I Were Leaving
04. An Open Heart
05. Good Luck
06. I Believe
07. Lust For Life
08. More Than Most
09. In Your Care
10. Too Much
11. Happiness

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Thu 11 July 2014 // Dresden, Germany // Theaterplatz vor der Semperoper
Tue 15 July 2014 // Carcassonne, France // Theatre Jean Deschamps
Sat 19 July 2014 // Mainz, Germany // Zollhafen Nordmole
Sun 20 July 2014 // Mönchengladbach, Germany // Warsteiner Hockey Park
Wed 10 Sep 2014 // Cardiff, Wales, UK // Clwb lfor Bach

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