New EP: Sailor & I – Turn Around (2014/06/30) [Original + Âme Remix + Acoustic Version Video]

:: Second single, second triumph! Can’t wait for more new music by Sailor & I!


Stockholm-based singer, producer and instrumentalist Alexander Sjodin released Tough Love, the debut single of his orchestral pop project Sailor & I, last summer. Sailor & I represents two wills within one person fighting against each other, a situation most people are likely to experience at least one in their lives and the reason that drive people to do certain things although they don’t want to but can’t them stop doing them either. The dark and dramatic Tough Love was one of my favourite tracks of last year. It’s the kind of song you’re never getting tired of, and so I’m pretty excited that Sailor & I returned with his sophomore release Turn Around a few days ago.

Turn Around was officially released on June 30, 2014 via Berlin- and New York-based Life and Death Records. It’s available as digital download only, you can buy your copy from iTunes or Beatport. I hope a physical release will follow soon.

The release comes with b-side track Boys & Girls as well an acoustic version and an absolutely fabulous remix of Turn Around by German techno duo Âme (aka Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann) which is streaming below. The acoustic version of Turn Around was recorded a few weeks ako when Sjodin found himself playing Turn Around on the upright piano of his studio, alone and with the lights turned off. It comes with a video footage from Sea Of Glass by Rickard Bengtsson and you can check it out below too.

Cover Art:
Sailor & I - Turn Around (2014)

01. Turn Around
02. Boys & Girls
03. Turn Around [Âme Remix]
04. Turn Around [Acoustic]

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sun 13 July 2014 // London, UK // Abbot Street Car Park

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