New Single: The Drifter & Benjamin Fröhlich – Waterville (2014/06/06)

:: Electronic love!


The Drifter is the moniker of Irish DJ and producer Mark Flynn who’s currently living in Berlin. His new single Waterville is a collaboration with Germany DJ/producer Benjamin Fröhlich from Munich, co-founder and -owner of Munich-based electronic label Permanent Vacation.

Waterville was released on June 06, 2014 via Permanent Vacation. It’s as available digitally and as 12″ vinyl single. You can buy digitally from iTunes or Beatport (recommended for all lossless lovers) or order your physical copy of Waterville directly from Permanent Vacation.

The release includes one alternate versions of Waterville and a remix by mysterious UK producer A Sagittariun as b-sides, both are streaming below via Benjamin Fröhlich’s Soundcloud.

Cover Art:
The Drifter & Benjamin Fröhlich - Waterville (2014)

A Waterville (Original Mix)
B1 Waterville (A Saggitariun Remix)
B2 Waterville (Hightide Version)

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