Debut Album: Jaded Inc – The Big Knock (2014/06/17) / New Single ‘Black Future’ [Official Video]

:: This is a fun listen!

Jaded Inc (= Jaded Incorporated) are neo-soul artist Mayer Hawthorne and soul/hip-hop musician Kendall Tucker aka 14KT. Having grown up together in Michigan, the two have teamed up now for a project of eighties-influenced electronic pop – describing it on their Facebook page as Beat Wave. Jaded Inc’s debut album The Big Knock is out now, and they’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to feature a track of the late J Dilla on the album.

The Big Knock was released on June 17, 2014 via  Casablanca Music / UMG Recordings. The album is available as download and 12″vinyl LP. You can buy the set of twelve tracks digitally from iTunes or order your physical copy from Amazon.

Debut single Monster is the only track on The Big Knock that features contribution by another writer. Hawthorne told Billboard in early May that the duo already had started working on their debut when he stumbled upon the track on “an old J Dilla beat tape I had from the late 90s. I was just listening to it one day and that beat came out. Most J Dilla beats are made for rap; you want to rap on them. But this beat came on and I said, ‘Holy shit, that sounds like Jaded Inc! That sounds like stuff we’re doing now,’ very melodic and new wavey. It made me want to sing on it instead of rap. It just fit, y’know? It just worked. […] It just shows you how far ahead J Dilla was, because that track was made all those years ago and it still sounds new and it fits our brand new project in 2014,” Hawthorne says. “It fits right in with the whole album.” Check out the whole feature be clicking the link above.

Black Future is the latest single taken from the album. The official video for the song was shot entirely on an iPhone by Hawthorne and 14KT, watch it above. Debut track Monster and the single Half Moon Bar OK are streaming below.

Cover Art:
Jaded Inc - The Big Knock II (2014)

01. Black Future
02. Monster
03. Come Down
04. Sincerely Nester
05. Coconut Sofa
06. Cubicle
07. Half Moon Bar OK
08. Quantum Entanglement
09. Sincerely Nemis
10. Faded Photograph
11. People Change
12. The Big Knock

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