New Single: Roo Panes – Tiger Striped Sky [Official Video] (2014/06/23)

:: Wonderful song. So looking forward to this album!

Tiger Striped Sky is the marvellous new single by London-based singer/songwriter Roo Panes. The single will be released digitally and as hand numbered 7″ vinyl single tomorrow (June 23, 2014) via CRC Music. You can order your physical copy directly from Roo Panes new music store.

The release includes the single version of Land Of The Living, the title track of Roo Panes’ previous EP, as b-side. Tiger Striped Sky is also the first taste to Panes upcoming first debut album Little Giant which is to drop in autumn via CRC. The song comes with a truly beautiful black-and-white music video that you can check out above.

Cover Art:
Roo Panes - Tiger Striped Sky (2014)

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