New EP: Crooked Hands – Penitentiary (2014/05/26) [Full EP Stream + Free Download]

:: This is a masterpiece of an album: perfection to the last detail!


Already with their 2012 debut single Under, Newcastle- and Glasgow-based indie-folk outfit Crooked Hands have set standards for me when it comes to indie-folk/acoustic music. Although it took a year for the second single to follow, the unsigned five-piece composed of Christopher Brown, Liam Smith, Robbie Houston, Nick Blaszczyszyn and Tom Booth continued on that path with The Stream which was released last year. Now, Crooked Hands prove their musical prowess with their first EP Penitentiary which is nothing short of perfection.

Penitentiary was self-released via the band’s Bandcamp on May 26, 2014. The five-track EP is available digitally only and can be downloaded completely for free and in any possible digital format from Bandcamp. I didn’t hesitate a second, and you shouldn’t too.

The EP is streaming entirely above via the (Crooked Hands Bandcamp). It features The Stream and four new tracks, all entirely written by frontman Christopher Brown. Penitentiary was recorded at Blank Studios, the EP is engineered and mixed by Chris McManus. The EP track Fine, Now comes with a beautiful music video directed by Gavin Randall that you can check out below.

Cover Art:
Crooked Hands - Penitentiary EP (2014)

01. The Stream
02. Freefall
03. Fine, Now
04. Penitentiary
05. Untitled

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