Debut EP: Yujen – No Aware (2014/05/26) [Full EP Stream] / New Video for ‘Try It Over’ [feat. Chet Faker]

:: Nothing but great. Been playing this EP on heavy rotation.


Yujen are an ambient threesome from  Melbourne, Australia. Members Mitch Anderson, Sam Tilley and Bill Anderson are not exactly new in music production, they’ve all been making music for several years now, but individually. Last year they joined together and Yujen was born. The trio recently released their amazing six-track debut EP No Aware which is also the debut release of Detail Co. – the new indie label of rising Melbourne natives Chet Faker and Thrupence. So it’s really no surprise that Faker is also lending his voice…

No Aware dropped officially on May 26, 2014 via Detail Co. Right now, it’s available digital only, you can buy from iTunes. A physical release of No Aware as 12″ vinyl EP will follow soon, you can pre-order your personal copy directly from Detail Co.

Label founder Nick Murphy, better known as Chet Faker, supported and advised Yujen during the production of No Aware. His incomparable voice is featured on Try It Over, and the brilliant song now has become a more than fitting music video to go along with. The clip is a piece glooming colours with pictures running backwards. It premiered yesterday and you can check it out below.

On occasion of the video premiere, Yujen talked to Thump about finding their musical identity: “Listening back to the EP now we see it more as a discovery of our own sound. We wanted to create a body of work that broke away from the traditional song structure of verse, chorus, bridge etc. When we first started writing together we had no clear idea of what we wanted to create, as we all have different music backgrounds and you can hear our different writing styles appearing throughout the record. Our production process was a mess in the beginning as we were each using different programs and ways of recording. It slowly developed into a more manageable process and changed the sound from the first to the last songs written for the record. It will be interesting to see how our production process affects our next release.

Cover Art:
Yujen - No Aware (2014)

01. Heirloom
02. Try It Over
03. Ultramarine
04. Enough By Now
05. Minor Observations
06. Hz

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat 12 July 2014 // Melbourne, VIC, Australia // EP Launch @ Boney

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