Debut Album: WIFE – What’s Between (2014/06/09) / New Track ‘Tongue’

:: This is my album of the year, at least so far! Been digging WIFE’s debut since it became available in Germany last Friday, love on first listen. But still, I’m enjoying it more and more each time I listen. A PERFECT DEBUT!


WIFE is the new musical alias of James Kelly, former guitarist and singer of critically acclaimed Irish Black Metal trio Altar Of Plagues. Performing quite a shift, he’s turning towards ambient- and dubstep-influenced electronic music on his new project. WIFE’s debut album What’s Between dropped via Tri Angle this week and you definitely should get yourself a copy of it since it has become a true gem.

What’s Between was released in the UK/Europe on June 09, 2014 via Tri Angle Records. North American release followed on June 10. The album is available as download, CD and 12″vinyl LP. You can buy digitally from Beatport (mp3/flav/aiff) or order your physical copy of What’s Between from Rough Trade.

James Kelly talked to DIY Magazine and gave them an exclusive track-by-track account on the album. It’s a very interesting read, click the link to check it out. In a newly published interview with Dummy, Kelly talked his influences, the production of What’s Between and the meaning of WIFE. Check out the whole feature here.

The set of nine tracks is produced by WIFE, The Haxan Cloak, lie and Roly Porter. The previously released lead tracks Heart Is A Far Light and Tongue are streaming above and below. My favourite tracks Living Joy and Fruit Tree, and I strongly recommend you listen to the whole thing. There’s no album stream available, a pity, but you can preview all nine tracks over at Beatport or iTunes.

In my mind, WIFE is a big project, musically. I want it to be as big as I feel it can be. I’m unashamedly inspired by Fleetwood Mac, and I want to write songs that are that big. I refer to WIFE as a pop act – a weird pop act, but pop’s a great word because it covers everything – and I want WIFE to cover all the great things that I think about music. It could still draw on black metal, albeit subtly – tonally, that inspired parts of the record.

“The EP was definitely a producer record, made on the computer, and the album’s a vocal record. I really stepped up as a singer. Initially, I was thinking about writing songs and finding singers afterwards – it took a while to get more confident and used to hearing my own voice. My favourite vocalists often have flawed voices, whether that’s Morrissey, or Trent Reznor, or David Sylvian. I value those things more than a pitch-perfect, gorgeous voice that’s easy on the ears but lacking in any distinguishing characteristics. I decided if I want to write a big pop song, like the song Fruit Tree on the record, then I’m just gonna do that. I’m not gonna apologise or stop myself from doing it because people expect a guy who was in a black metal band to write something that sounds a certain way.

Cover Art:
WIFE - What's Between EP (2014)

01. Like Chrome
02. Tongue
03. Heart Is A Far Light
04. Salvage
05. Dans Ce
06. A Nature (Shards)
07. Living Joy
08. Fruit Tree
09. Further Not Better


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