New Album: Sleep Party People – Floating (2014/06/02) [Full Album Stream]

:: A masterpiece. Again.


Danish multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and mixer Brian Batz has released the new album of Sleep Party People (SPP), his one-man home recording project that started out back in 2008. Inspired by the works of Boards of Canada, David Lynch and Erik Satie, Batz released the self-titled SPP debut in 2010, followed by his critically acclaimed sophomore album We Are Drifting On A Sad Song (2012). This Monday saw release of his new album Floating and you can listen to it in full here.

Floating was released officially and worldwide on June 02, 2014 via Blood and Biscuits Records. Scandinavia and Asia already saw release on May 30. The album is available as download, CD and limited edition 12″ vinyl LP (incl download code). You can buy digitally from Bandcamp (mp3/flac/wav etc.) or order your physical copy of Floating from the Blood and Biscuits Store.

Floating is streaming in its entirety above (via Brian Batz’s Soundcloud). The set of nine new Sleep Party People songs was entirely written, recorded and produced last year in San Francisco by Brian Batz with a little help by renowned producers Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Morrissey, Blondie) and Mikael Johnston (The Sounds, Jane’s Addiction, Blondie). Batz travelled to California in February 2013 with nothing but a rough sketch of a single new song and returned to Copenhagen one month later with his new LP nearly finished.

His third album sees Brian Batz simplifying his style of production by cutting down the number of layers and effects in use. He’s also casting aside the murmuring vocals that have been characteristic to the first two Sleep Party People LP’s. In the album press release, Batz explains:  “The whole feel of the album is very different from the two earlier releases. It’s 100% hand-played and totally organic and analog. I wanted it to sound more like a band than a one-man-project this time.” He continues: “It was a very different way of working for me, but an approach I learned to love during the whole process. The feel and the sound on the album is way different from any other SPP album you’ve heard, but I believe that you can still hear that I’m the songwriter and that I have a specific way of writing songs.

Cover Art:
Sleep Party People - Floating (2014)

01. Change Of Time
02. Floating Blood Of Mine
03. A Stranger Among Us
04. In Another World
05. Death Is The Future
06. I See The Sun, Harold
07. I See The Moon (feat. Lisa Light)
08. Only A Shadow
09. Scattered Glass

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