Month: November 2013

Watch: Arcade Fire – Afterlife [Official Video]

:: Wonderful.


The music video for Arcade Fire’s second single “Afterlife” written and directed by Emily Kai Bock off the album Reflektor.


Upcoming Tour Dates:
Dec 7 // Not So Silent Night Oakland, CA
Mar 6, 2014 // Louisville, KY
Mar 8, 2014 // Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 10, 2014 // Auburn Hills, MI
Mar 12, 2014 // Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 13, 2014 // Toronto, ON
Mar 14, 2014 // Ottawa, ON
Mar 16, 2014 // Cleveland, OH
Mar 17, 2014 // Philadelphia, PA
Mar 18, 2014 // Bridgeport, CT

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New EP: Roo Panes – Land of the Living (2013/12/02) / New Official Video for ‘Home from Home’

:: Such a pleasant listen. The title track gets me smiling no matter what…


Nearly a year on from his wonderful sophomore EP Weight of Your World, London-based folk-pop singer/songwriter Roo Panes is putting forward his next release. Panes’ third EP is entitled Land of the Living and drops officially on December 02, 2013 via CRC Music.

Land of the Living is available as download and CD, you can buy digitally via iTunes or order your physical copy of the EP at CRC’s webstore. The set of five tracks is once again produced and recorded by Sean Hatton who also worked with Panes on his previous offerings. All songs are written by Roo Panes, he plays mandolin, 12-string and 6-string guitar. For the recording Panes is supported by Georgie Harris [viola], Joanne Sy [cello], Sean Hatton [drums] and Deborah Panes [vocals].

Home from Home is the first track off the EP that was unveiled about a month ago. The beautiful official video for the song is filmed and directed by JohnPaul Morris for Eleven35 Productions. Watch the video above and check out below the title track Land of the Living. Roo Panes is playing the Land of the Living EP launch show in London on December 10 at Bush Hall, order you ticket here.

Cover Art:
Roo Panes - Land Of The Living EP (2013)

01. Glory Days
02. Little Giant
03. Home From Home
04. Land Of The Living
05. Silver Moon


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Debut Album: Kwes – Ilp / Track ‘Cablecar’

:: Kkkwwweeesss


Cover Art:
Kwes – ilp

Artist: Kwes
Title of Debut Album: Ilp
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Label: Warp Records

1. Purplehands
2. 36
3. Rollerblades
4. Cablecar
5. Flower
6. Hives
7. Broke
8. Chagall
9. Parakeet
10. B_Shf_L


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New Single: WhoMadeWho – The Morning (2013/11/25)

:: One of the best live bands on this planet is back with new music!


WhoMadeWho – that’s singer/guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, drummer/producer Tomas Barfod and singer/bassist Tomas Høffding. The Copenhagen electro-rock trio is coming next year with their fifth studio album, and they have unveiled the album’s first single The Morning.

Dreams is the title of their new record, it’s set for release in the UK and Europe on March 03, 2014 via Darup Associates. Yes, they’re not releasing on Kompakt anymore, but putting forward Dreams as self-release. US release will follow on March 04.

The Morning dropped on November 25, 2013 via Darup Associates, it’s available to buy via iTunes. On WhoMadeWho’s website, you can watch a music video for the song made by the band’s fans on Instagram, it’s a funny collection of morning pictures.

On the band’s website, Jeppe comments on Dreams: “I think the main difference is that Brighter had a lot of keyboards in the production, but on Dreams I spent a lot more time playing the guitar. We come from a dance background and that’s the core energy of the band and always will be, but this album has a different energy to Brighter and it’s not so clubby in the mix – it’s more warm and loving. It’s still very sexy and funky, but it’s not intimidating or aggressive in sound.” I’m excited to check out the new songs.

Cover Art:
WhoMadeWho - The Morning (2013)

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Collaboration: Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes – Together

:: Wooohooo! Everything comes together…


Cover Art:

Artist: Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes
Title of Single: Together
Release Date: November, 2013
Label: Method Records

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New Album: Joshua James – Well, Then, I’ll Go To Hell (2013/11/11) / New Song ‘Lives’

:: Absolutely beautiful!


It’s just been a year since Joshua James released his last record, 2012’s From The Top Of Willamette Mountain. The American Fork (Utah) and Lincoln (Nebraska) based neo-folk singer/songwriter has diligently carried on touring and making music, and here we already go with the follow-up.

The fifth album by Joshua James is entitled Well, Then, I’ll Go To Hell and was officially released in the UK and Europe on November 11, 2013 via Intelligent Noise Records. US release followed on November 12. The record is available as digital download and CD (including the download album in selectable format), order your copy via Joshua James’ website.

Well, Then, I’ll Go To Hell is a collection of nine “lovingly curated and recorded” cover versions of original songs by Modest Mouse that have been highly influential on Joshua James as a teenager. He recorded them together with touring partner Evan Coulombe, at different locations. They did one song a week, without prior plan and sometimes with just one take. All instruments are played by Joshua James and Evan Coulombe (except Timothy George played drums on Gravity Rides Everything.)

The album title derives from an indirect quote from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. On his Bandcamp, Joshua James concludes the release text for the album with the following words: “People, at different times throughout history, have a notion of what we SHOULD BE, what society SHOULD ACT LIKE, how we should WALK/TALK/EAT/ACT (SING). But, it’s all hogwash. We got 20/50/80 years to live. Just sing something. Write a book. Build a chair. Do what you feel you need to. Because by GOD! Singin’ these songs sure beats the darkness.”

Listen above to Lives, my favourite song off the album. If it gets you wanting more, check out the album sampler below, including Lives and four more of the songs (via the label’s Soundclous).

Cover Art:
Joshua James - Well, Then I'll Go To Hell (2013)

01. Dramamine
02. Broke
03. Sleepwalking
04. Lives
05. Styrofoam Boots
06. Baby Blue Sedan
07. Gravity Rides Everything
08. Out Of Gas
09. Custom Concern


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New Single: Flume & Chet Faker – Lockjaw (2013/11/22)

:: Lockjaw is a fucking masterpiece!


Cover Art:
Lockjaw Flume Chet Faker

Artist: Flume & Chet Faker
Title of Single: Lockjaw
Release Date: November 22, 2013
Label: Future Classic

1 Drop the Game
2 What About Us
3 This Song Is Not About a Girl


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