Debut Album: The Shouting Matches – Grownass Man (2013/04/16) [Full Album Stream]

:: It’s a damn good album.




Brian Moen, Phil Cook and Justin Vernon played one show as The Shouting Matches nearly seven years ago. They reunited in Eau Claire, Wisconsin this past year and a made a record fusing influences into what they do best: playing together. Over years of sharing stages and studios in a myriad of projects, they come together as a trio and give you this here ‘Grownass Man.’ [Press release]

Cover Art: 
Shouting Matches album

Artist: The Shouting Matches
Title Of Debut Album: Grownass Man
Release Date: April 16, 2013
Label: Middle West

1. Avery Hill
2. Gallup, NM
3. Heaven Knows
4. Mother When?
5. Seven Sisters
6. Milkman
7. New Theme
8. Three Dollar Bill
9. I’ll Be True
10. I Need A Change

Listen to full album stream ‘Grownass Man’ at npr music

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