New Single: Ajimal – This Human Joy (2013/03/25)

:: Was holding my breath completely amazed when I listened to this one first!


Last March, Newcastle’s Fran O’Hanlon aka Ajimal released his wonderful single Footnote to Love [Part One] via Bandcamp. It’s been a bit quiet around him since, but yesterday he announced the release of his new single. The song’s entitled This Human Joy and will be officially out on March 25, 2013. It’s encouraging us the look for and enjoy the beauty in all things, foremost the small and simple ones. This Human Joy is written by Fran O’Hanlon and was produced, engineered and mixed by Mick Ross. The single will soon by followed by a concept mini album ‘Childhood’. Ajimal applies his classical musical upbringing to create rich orchestral arrangements involving a cast of 50 musicians. We’re absolutely thrilled for more. Ajimal has a couple of upcoming live shows, check for the dates below.

Cover Art:
Ajimal - This Human Joy

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat 06 Apr 2013 // Newcastle, UK // Mining Institute
Sun 07 Apr 2013 // London, UK // Communion, Notting Hill Arts Club
Sat 20 Apr 2013 // Manchester, UK / A Carefully Planned Festival

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2012, Feb 04 − New Single: Footnote to Love [Part One]


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