Radical Face – We’re On Our Way / New EP ‘Always Gold’ (2012/11/13)

:: Really looking forward to his upcoming album ‘The Branches’ and meanwhile there some of the old songs in alternate versions to be enjoyed…



Following his beautiful 2011 album ‘The Family Tree Presents The Roots‘, Jacksonville indie-folk singer and songwriter Ben Cooper, better known under his moniker Radical Face, is releasing a new six-track EP. Entitled ‘Always Gold’, it was out on November 13, 2012 via Cooper’s own label Bear Machine Records. On his Facebook, Cooper describes the EP as “mostly a collection of stragglers and alternate versions, but if I don’t ever compile these things into something more specific they tend to just disappear. And since I had multiple versions of Always Gold floating around, I just went ahead and centered it around that. Some of these tracks may be new to you, and others may not. A couple have never been released before.” (via Facebook) Watch below the official video for the title track Always Gold. It is directed and edited by Ben Cooper, with help from family and friends for less than 50 Dollar, and it tells the story of two brothers from one’s view.

Cover Art:

01. Always Gold (Short Attention Span Mix)
02. Echoes
03. Wandering (Alternative Mix)
04. Always Gold (Acoustic)
05. We’re On Our Way
06. Always Gold

Follow ‘Radical Face’ on:
Official homepage at: http://www.radicalface.com/
Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RadicalFace
Twitter at: https://twitter.com/RadicalFace
Soundcloud at: http://soundcloud.com/radical-face
Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/BenVonElectricFace


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