Cody ChesnuTT – That’s Still Mama / New Album ‘Landing On A Hundred’

:: Wohooo, I´m on fire! This is real soul.

Cody ChesnuTT returns with his first full album in a decade ‘Landing On A Hundred’.

Cover Art:

Artist: Cody ChesnuTT
Title Of Album: Landing On A Hundred
Release Date: 29 Oct, 2012
Label: One Little Indian

1. ‘Till I Met Thee
2. I’ve Been Life
3. That’s Still Mama
4. What Kind Of Cool (Will We Think Of Next)
5. Don’t Follow Me
6. Everybody’s Brother
7. Love Is More Than A Wedding Day
8. Under The Spell Of The Handout
9. Don’t Wanna Go The Other Way
10. Chips Down (In No Landfill)
11. Where Is All The Money Going? 12. Scroll Call

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