Dan Mangan – We Wanted To Be Pleasantly Surprised Not Expectedly Let Down / New EP ‘Radicals’

:: One of the most honest, talented musicians I can imagine…


We Wanted To Be Pleasantly Surprised Not Expectedly Let Down is one of two new tracks to be found on the new 7-inch release by Canadia folk-rock singer and songwriter Dan Mangan. Entitled ‘Radicals’, the mini-EP was released on October 16, 2012 via Arts & Crafts. It includes a cover version of Yukon Blonde’s Stairway, listen to it below. Dan is currently touring in Canada and will hit the road for Europe soon as well, check for upcoming dates below as well.

Cover Art:


01. We Want To Be Pleasantly Surprised, Not Expectedly Let Down
02. Stairway [Yukon Blonde Cover]

Upcoming International Tour Dates:
Thu 01 Nov 2012 // Winnipeg, MB, Canada // Burton Cummings Theatre*
Fri 02 Nov 2012 // Regina, SK, Canada // Knox Met*
Sat 03 Nov 2012 // Saskatoon, SK, Canada // The Odeon Events Centre*
Sun 04 Nov 2012 // Calgary, AB, Canada // Jack Singer Concert Hall*
Mon 05 Nov 2012 // Edmonton, AB, Canada // Winspear Centre*
Wed 07 Nov 2012 // Nelson, BC, Canada // The Royal*
* w/ Rural Alberta Advantage
>> The full touring schedule is available here.

Follow ‘Dan Mangan’ on:
Official homepage at: http://www.danmanganmusic.com
Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/danmanganmusic
Twitter at: http://twitter.com/danmanganmusic
Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/danmanganmusic


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