Yes Cadets – Le Mans [Official Video / Free Download]

:: Such a good-mooded tune. It simply makes me smile…

Le Mans is the current single of alternative-pop trio Yes Cadets from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Alan Haslam [vocals/guitar], Lisa Mageean [drums/vocals] and Steve Matthews [bass/micron vocals] describe their own music as Maximist Heartbreak Pop. The Le Mans single including three remixes was released via the Berlin-based label Humming Records on August 20, 2012. You can download the track for free on Soundcloud. The official video is directed by Belfast photographer Big Bad Llama. The band will be releasing a brand-new five-track EP, also entitled ‘Le Mans’, on September 14 via Humming Records. So keep your eyes peeled for more.

Cover Art:

01. Le Mans
02. Le Mans (Foxkit Remix)
03. Le Mans (Philip Fuchs Remix)
04. Le Mans (Guillemots Remix)

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