New Single: Alt-J (∆) – Tessellate [Official Video]

:: Brilliant idea for a music video. Truly love it!

Tessellate is the new single by Alt-J. The ‘Tessellate Remix EP’ was released yesterday (July 16, 2012) via Infectious Music. It features the original and a live version as well as three remixes of the song. The official video is directed by Alex Southam. It’s a twist on the famous fresco ‘School of Athens’ by Italian Renaissance painter Raphael. Located in the Vatican Museums, it displays all important philosophers of Ancient Greece. Southam’s video for Tessellate transfers the fresco’s exact composition into a modern day street or gangster context. Haven seen the original several times, I think this video is a very creative adaptation to be the visual feature for a great track!

Cover Art:

01. Tessellate
02. Tessellate (Live at the Africa Centre 14/04/12)
03. Tessellate (Dam Mantle Remix)
04. Tessellate (Anstam Remix)
05. Tessellate (Marlais Remix)

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