Month: July 2012

Baio – Sunburn Modern / EP ‘Sunburn’

:: Good summer vibes

Baio aka Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend, Bassist) has released a three track EP, ‘Sunburn’.

Cover Art:

Artist: Baio
Title Of EP: Sunburn
Release Date: May 18, 2012
Label: Greco-Roman Ltd

01 Sunburn Modern Baio 6:23
02 Anonymity 1 Baio 4:15
03 Tanto (feat. Matias Aguayo)

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Moodymann – Without U & Give You Something / EP ‘JMFG Edits’ 1 & 2

:: No fuckin’ words for this. Listening in awe!

This incredible deep house tune is another masterpiece by Kenneth Dixon Junior, generally known as Moodymann, the godfather of decent house music! This year, he released two EP’s with re-edits of his own tracks. JMFG Edits 1 was out on January 13, 2012, the follow-up ‘JMFG Edits 2’ was released on May 14, 2012. Both were exclusively available as 12″ vinyl, brought out as an unofficial release without a lable (not on label). And both are completely sold out. Congrats to the lucky ones to have been quick enough buying them. To all others, there’s still hope for another pressing. Keep your eyes peeled! Check out Give You Something below, my favourite taken from JMFG 2.

Cover Art:

Tracklist ‘JMFG Edits 1′:
A1. Werk
A2. Lost Sould
B1. Dirty Beats
B2. Without U

Tracklist ‘JMFG Edits 2’:
A1. I Can’t Kick
A2. Give You Something
A3. Wanna Ride It
B1. Do You Know
B2. Disco Shades

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New Single: Bloc Party – Day Four

:: Whoohoo! Can’t wait to see these guys live in Hamburg!


Taken from the new album ‘Four’ out on the 20th of August (UK).

Bloc Party are: Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong

Upcoming Tourdates:
Bloc Party are currently playing the festival season and touring worldwide.
>> The full touring schedule is available here.

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Grasscut – Pieces / New Album ‘Unearth’ (2012/07/16)

:: Amazing tune, instantly loved on its first five seconds!

Grasscut are Andrew Philips and Marcus O’Dair, an electronica and experimental music duo from Brighton, UK. The stunning track Pieces is taken from their second studio album ‘Unearth’ which is thematically dealing with the British landscape. The record was released in the UK and Europe on July 16, 2012 via Ninja Tunes. US release followed on July 24.  Watch below the official video for From Towns and Fields, the first single taken from ‘Unearth’. It was filmed on a misty day at Beachy Head in Sussex. Download the track for free on Grasscut’s homepage by entering your email on the right side.


Cover Art:

01. Cut Grass
02. Pieces
03. Blink In The Night (East Coker Version)
04. Reservoir
05. Stone Lions
06. A Mysterious Disappearance
07. From Towns & Fields
08. Lights
09. We Fold Ourselves
10. Richardson Road

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Colonel Red – SpaceFace [Official Video] / EP ‘Spaceface’

:: … so good!



Colonel Red Spacesleep EP released 16th July (vinyl) 23rd July (digital). Colonel Red’s new album ‘Keep Walkin’ is forthcoming.

Colonel Red aka Redz

Artist: Colonel Red
Title Of EP: Spaceface
Release Date: July 16, 2012
Label: Apollo Records

1. Spaceface
2. Sleeper
3. Soulridin

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To Kill A King – Wolves / New EP ‘Word of Mouth’ [Free Download]

:: New music by one of my UK favourites! Really love their laid-back style…

This is a live performance of Wolves, my favourite track of To Kill A King’s new EP ‘Word of Mouth’. It was released via the band’s Bandcamp on July 23, 2012. All tracks are written, recorded, procuced and mixed by To Kill A King, except Let It Die which is a cover version of an original song by Feist. The band is giving away the EP for free, all you gotta do is downloading it. The band’s frontman Ralph Pelleymounter performed Wolves in Episode 14 of his online series To Kill A King presents Ralph’s Balcony together with The Title Sequence. In every episode, he was joined by another UK artist or band, mutually performing their songs. Check out the original version of the song in the full EP stream below.

Full EP Stream:

Cover Art:

01. Howling
02. Funeral
03. Besides She Said
04. Wolves
05. Rays
06. Let It Die [Feist Cover]

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THEESatisfaction – QueenS [Official Video] / Debut Album: awE naturalE

:: Luv the flow of the album.


Cover Art:

Artist: THEESatisfaction
Title Of Album: awE naturalE
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Label: Sub Pop Records

1. Awe
2. Bitch
3. Earthseed
4. Queens
5. Existinct
6. Deeper
7. Sweat
8. Juiced
9. God
10. Enchantruss
11. Needs
12. Crash
13. Naturale

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