Rue Royale – We’ll Go On Alright / Album ‘Guide to an Escape’ (2012/03/16)

:: I am absolutely in love with this album!

This incredibly beautiful album of Rue Royale (it is their second full-length) was first self-released on Bandcamp on March 03, 2011. Rue Royale are the wedded couple Brookln Dekker from the US und Ruth Dekker from the UK. In their Nottingham home, under the name Very Fine Records, they completely self-produced 7.500 copies of their releases and brought them to the local post-office from where they where shipped into the world. Production included printing and sewing the booklets.

By the beginning of 2012, they signed to the Berlin-based Indie label Sinnbus Records. On March 16, ‘Guide to an Escape’ was officially released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Cover Art:

01. Guide to an Escape
02. Halfway Blind
03. Flightline
04. Get Me Standing
05. Blame
06. Knocked Back To The Start
07. Crater
08. Ment to Roam
09. We’ll Go On Alright
10. Foreign Night
11. The Search and Little Else

This is the official video for the title-track of ‘Guide to an Escape’, directed by Duncan Guymer.

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