Month: March 2012

Lambchop – Gar / New Album ‘Mr. M’

:: Lambchop On Tour.

Cover Art:

Artist: Lambchop
Title Of Album: Mr. M
Release Date: Februar 24, 2012
Label: City Slang (Universal)

1. If Not I’ll Just Die
2. 2B2
3. Gone Tomorrow
4. Mr. Met
5. Gar
6. Nice Without Mercy
7. Buttons
8. The Good Life (Is Wasted)
9. Kind Of
10. Betty’s Overture
11. Never My Love

Upcoming Tourdates 2012:

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New Video: The Horrors – Changing The Rain

:: I like a lot! The video’s just as epic as the whole record is!

This is the official video for the new single of The Horrors, taken from their album “Skying” which was released July 08, 2011 via XL Recordings. The animated video is directed by Pete Fowler for Made Visual Studio.

Cover Art:

01. Changing The Rain
02. You Said
03. I Can See Through You
04. Endless Blue
05. Dive In
06. Still Life
07. Wild Eyed
08. Moving Further Away
09. Monica Gems
10. Oceans Burning

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Koreless – 4D

:: Strong. Strong. Strong.

Cover Art:

Artist: Koreless
Title Of EP: 4D/MTI
Release Date: March, 2011
Label: Pictures Music

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New Album: Paul Weller – Sonik Kicks (2012/03/19)

:: The master is back with a new record! It feels like I’ve been admiring this man and his music for decades already, and he’s still able to surprise by absorbing new influences… 

Paul Weller’s new album “Sonik Kicks” was released March 19, 2012 via Universal Island Records. German release followed on March 23, 2012 via Cooperative Music. The video for the first single ‘Dragonfly’ is directed by Franck Trebillac.

Stream a preview of all album tracks on Paul Weller’s homepage (klick on the right side).

Cover Art:

01. Green
02. The Attic
03. Kling I Klang
04. Sleep of the Serene
05. By the Waters
06. That Dangerous Age
07. Study In Blue
08. Dragonfly
09. When Your Garden’s Overgrown
10. Around the Lake
11. Twilight
12. Drifters
13. Paperchase
14. Be Happy Children

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New Album: Efterklang – Piramida

:: Find myself excited by this!

Modern Drift is taken from the record ‘Magic Chairs’, released 02/19/2010.

The upcoming album ‘Piramida’ will be premiered on May 26th 2012 when they will be performing live in the Sydney Opera House together with the Sydney Symphony orchestra.

Efterklang protraitby Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Artist: Efterklang
Title Of Album: Piramida
Release Date: Later this year after the summer
Label: 4AD and Rumraket

Upcoming UK tourdates October 2012:
23rd – The Sage, Gateshead
24th – Usher Hall, Edinburgh
27th – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
28th – Dome, Brighton
29th – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
30th – Barbican, London

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New Single: Simian Mobile Disco – Seraphim / Cerulean [Official Video]

:: Great stuff! They didn’t lose a bit of their first class quality in producing electronic music…


This is the first track taken from Simian Mobile Disco’s forthcoming new album “Unpatterns”. Seraphim will be released as single on April 09, 2012 via Wichita Recordings. The album follows on May 14.


This is already the next track taken from “Unpatterns”. The video for ‘Cerulean’ is designed, directed and animated by Jack Featherstone and Will Samuel for ISO studio.

Cover Art:

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Sigur Rós – Ekki Múkk / New Album ‘Valtari’

:: Thank you Sigur Rós!

Valtari is the band’s sixth studio album and you can now hear a first track above. The album was recorded by the band at Sundlaugin Studio, Mosfellbaer, Iceland. Valtari will be released on double LP, CD and digital download.

Cover Art:

Artist: Sigur Rós
Title Of Album: Valtari
Release Date: May 28, 2012
Label: Parlophone


1 Êg Anda

2 Ekki Múkk
03 Varúð
04 Rembihnûtur

5 Dauðalogn
6 Varðeldur
7 Valtari
08 Fjögur Píanó

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