The Irrepressibles – Forget The Past / – In Your Eyes

:: Tearful and passionate, truly breathtaking. Absolutely lovely!

Video: Forget The Past

Video: In Your Eyes

Album Cover:

Artist: The Irrepressibles
Title Of Album: Mirror Mirror
Release Date: March 26, 2010
Label: Cooperative Music

1. My Friend Jo
2. I’ll Maybe Let You
3. In Your Eyes
4. Anvil
5. Forget The Past
6. Knife Song
7. My Witness
8. Nuclear Skies
9. Splish! Splash! Sploo!
10. The Tide
11. Transition Instrumental
12. In This Shirt

Sarah Kershaw (piano, organs, tubular bells, synths, backing vocals)
Jordan Hunt (violin, loop, backing vocals)
Charlie Stock (viola, loop, backing vocals)
Nicole Robson (cello, loop, backing vocals)
Sophie Li (contra, bass. loop, electric bass, backing vocals)
James Field (drum kit, backing vocals)
Ian Tripp (drum kit, tuned percussion, backing vocals)

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