Month: August 2011

FINK (UK) – Perfect Darkness / Q&A

::  This fabulous track just blew me off my feet when I heard it for the first time, and it actually still does everytime I listen to it…

The song is the title-track of Fink’s fourth album, released June 10th 2011 on Ninja Tune.  “Perfect Darkness” is one of those seldom records where every single song is just sensational.

‘Q & A’ appears on Fink’s third album “Sort Of Revolution”, released in 2009 on Ninja Tune.  The song is here combined with a really beautiful video cut that underlines this stunning track just perfectly.

:: A very different kind of groove that rocks your body…



  • Biscuits For Breakfast (2006)
  • Distance And Time (2007)
  • Sort Of Revolution (2009)
  • Perfect Darkness (2011)




Jim Kroft – The Jailer

:: This is a very nice tune for a Berlin city walk…

This song was out as single on May 1st 2011 on Jackalope Records. Jim Kroft will be releasing his second studio album “The Hermit and the Hedonist” this October.

He is currently Berlin-based und will be playing two upcoming shows in Berlin:

02.09.2011 / White Trash / Death By Pop live

22.10.2011 / Lido ( Record Release “The Hermit and the Hedonist”)

Check out a bit more of his music on SoundCloud:

Mr. Mitri – Inside the Worldwide Festival 2011 (Sète)

:: We can’t wait for next year’s July when it it will Sète-time again…

Here’s a little personal impession from amidst of the audience of this year’s Worlwide Festival in Sète (France, July 6-10 2011)

It’s a very nice video cut by Mr. Mitri. Does it make you curious for more? We think it should…

The Rifles – Long Walk Back

:: They’ve gone quite a way since their debut single ‘Piece & Quiet” came out, and I still love The Rifles cause their music makes me smile, no matter what…

This song will be out on September 19th 2011 when The Rifles’ third studio album “Freedom Run” will be released on Right Hook Recordings (owned by the Rifles).

Check out also their new single ‘Tangled Up In Love’ on The Rifles SoundCloud page:

Ghost Of Tom Joad – Midnight Marauder

Theme Day: Ghost of Tom Joad III

:: This one goes out to all those out there seizing the nights…

The track appears on Ghost Of Tom Joad’s third studio album “Black Musik”, released on July 8th 2011 on Richard Mohlmann Records.  “Black Musik” is one the latest releases being both coherent and diversified and all its tracks are well worth listening.

Ghost of Tom Joad is a German Post-Punk band from Münster. The band’s name was chosen as a homage to Springsteen’s song we already played today.

Junip – The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Theme Day:  Ghost Of Tom Joad II

:: Dark perfection in sound that carries you away with it…

This cover version of Springsteen’s original appeared in 2005 on Junip’s “Black Refuge EP” (Label Teme Shet). It was their very first physical release. After a five years waiting time, Junip’s first album “Fields” was finally released in 2010 on City Slang. The “Black Refuge EP” including the Springsteen cover were re-released in the “Fields Limited Deluxe Edition”.

Not a few think the cover version to be even better than the original song. What do you think???

Jonathan Jeremiah – Instore session in Hamburg today!

Jonathan will be visiting Michelle Records in Hamburg later today to perform an intimate instore session.

:: Don’t miss out! Head to Michelle Records at 6pm today to catch Jonathan Live.