New: Ásgeir – It Will Rain / ‘In The Silence’ Deluxe Edition (2014/11/24) / ‘King and Cross’ [Electric Piano Version]

:: So so beautiful!


In The Silence Deluxe Edition is officially released today (November 24, 2014) via One Little Indian Records. The album is available as Triple Pack CD and digital download. You can buy digitally from iTunes and Google Play or order your physical copy directly from One Little Indian.

The 3 CD ‘Deluxe Edition’ comprises the original 2012 Icelandic version of the album, Dyrd í dauðathogn – the most succesfull album by an Icelandic artist of all times which instantly made Ásgeir a folk hero back home – plus the English-language version, In The Silence, translated by singer/songwriter John Grant who currently lives in Iceland. The third CD compiles rarities and previously unheard Ásgeir material including remixes from Liam Howe (FKA Twigs, Lana Del Ray, Foxes), Dot Major (London Grammar) and Stay Positive as well as three versions from Ásgeir’s Toe Rag Sessions.

It Will Rain is taken from the third disc of the Deluxe Edition, listen above. Two weeks ago, So So Gay premiered the stunning electric piano version of Ásgeir’s international debut single King and Cross. This quiet new version was recorded and filmed at Studio Hljóðriti in September 2014. The video was shot by Ívar Kristján Ívarsson and is edited by Guðm. Kristinn Jónsson, watch it below. The feature So So Gay did with Ásgeir is also well worth a read.

Ásgeir is currently touring Europe with two more UK and nine Scandinavian shows to follow the next weeks. Afterwards he’ll by playing a string of five Australian and two shows in Japan in January and is touring North America all February. Check out the upcoming dates below.

Cover Art:
Ásgeir - In The Silence Deluxe Edition (2014)

Disc One: Dýrð í dauðaþögn
01. Hærra
02. Dýrð í dauðaþögn
03. Sumargestur
04. Leyndarmál
05. Hljóða nótt
06. Nýfallið regn
07. Heimförin
08. Að grafa sig í fönn
09. Samhljómur
10. Þennan Dag

Disc Two: ‘In The Silence’
01. Higher
02. In The Silence
03. Summer Guest
04. King and Cross
05. Was There Nothing
06. Torrent
07. Going Home
08. Head In The Snow
09. In Harmony
10. On That Day

Disc Three: Bonus Disc
01. Dreaming
02. Ocean
03. It Will Rain
04. Stormurinn
05. Frost
06. Soothe This Pain
07. Nú hann blæs
08. Heart Shaped Box
09. Torrent (acoustic)
10. Going Home (Toe Rag)
11. Summer Guest (Toe Rag)
12. On That Day (Toe Rag)
13. King and Cross (Dot Major)
14. Torrent (Stay Positive)
15. King and Cross (Liam Howe)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Tue 25 Nov 2014 // Bristol, UK // The Fleece
Wed 26 Nov 2014 // London, UK // O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Sat 29 Nov 2014 // Lund, Sweden // Mejeriet
Sun 30 Nov 2014 // Stockholm, Sweden // Nalen
Tue 02 Dec 2014 // Trondheim, Norway / Byscenen
Wed 03 Dec 2014 // Bodø, Norway // Sinus
>> The full touring schedule is available here.

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Listen: Allman Brown – Ancient Light

:: An enjoyable breakfast and relaxing music - a perfect start into the day.


Cover Art:

Artist: Allman Brown
Title of EP: Ancient Light
Release Date: June 16, 2014
Label: Akira Records

1 Ancient Light 
2 Foolish Love
3 Fields of England (feat. Sophie Jamieson)
4 Shape of You (feat. Lowell)

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New Album: Recondite – Iffy (2014/11/10) / New Single ‘Levo’ [Official Video]

:: An entire album of electronic brilliance!

Berlin-based electronic producer Lorenz Brunner, better known by his Recondite moniker, has released on various labels since his debut in 2011. Now Recondite has returned with his second release for Innervisions, the Berlin-based label of dj’s/producers Dixon and Âme. Entitled Iffy, it’s the third full-length by Recondite – following last year’s Hinterland (Ghostly International) and 2012′s On Acid (Absurd Recordings).

Iffy was pre-released as digital download on October 27, 2014 via Innervisions exclusively on Beatport. Official release followed on November 10. The album is available as download from iTunes or as CD from Juno Records / Decks. Iffy on 12″ vinyl is exclusively available while stocks last from Innervisions / Muting The Noise.

Levo is the current single and my favourite track from Iffy. The official video for the track – self-directed by Recondite and also comprising him as only actor – was shot at Brunners Bavarian native region, the Alpine foothills. The club edit of Levo was released as single together with the 12″ version of the album track Garbo as 12″ single on October 27, 2014 via Innervisions exclusively on Beatport and Muting The Noise. Record store and digital release date worldwide also followed on November 10.

Watch the Levo video above and take a listen to the album track Konter below.

Cover Art:
Recondite - Iffy (2014)

01. Baro
02. Levo
03. Tame
04. Garbo
05. Buteo
06. Duolo
07. Konter
08. Steady
09. Glint
10. Jim Jams


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New Track: Ady Suleiman – Ain’t The Beep

:: I´m loving Ady´s incredible voice & vibe. Can’t wait for his album!


Cover Art:

Artist: Ady Suleiman
Title of Track: Ain’t The Beep
Release Date: November 21, 2014
Label: self released

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Debut Single: Rob Bravery – Knock Out Ginger (2014/11/09)

:: Standout track!

Although London-based artist Rob Bravery has been around a while already – he self-released his debut album The Elusive Crux vis Bandcamp in 2011 – the Bristol-born musician and Fossil Collective collaborator debuted two weeks ago with his first proper single. Entitled Knock Out Ginger, the track is the first taste of Rob Bravery’s upcoming new album Esque which is due for release in early 2015.

Knock Out Ginger was released digitally together with the b-sides Layaway and Calendar Life on November 09, 2014 via Fullfill LLC UK LTD. You can buy the single from iTunes.

On occasion of the song premiere over at The Line Of Best Fit, Rob said of the song: “‘Knock Out Ginger’ is the first single from my new album, ‘Esque’, which will go out early next year. I wrote the song shortly after a meeting with an A&R person who advised me to go away and write some choruses. Lyrically, it’s basically a collection of childhood scenes. Like Schumann’s ‘Kinderszenen’ but with a difficult chorus.”

Cover Art:
Rob Bravery - Knock Out Ginger (2014)

01. Knock Out Ginger
02. Layaway
03. A Calendar Life

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New Album: Röyksopp – The Inevitable End (2014/11/21) [Full Album Stream]

:: Not totally convincing, but with some very enjoyable tracks on it!


The Inevitable End was officially released on November 11, 2014 via Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records. Germany, Austria and Switzerland see release of The Inevitable End today (November 21) via Embassy of Music/Warner Music. The album is available as digital download, CD and 2×12 vinyl LP. Physical release includes download of the full 17-track album. You can buy/order your copy of The Inevitable End in all versions here.

Röyksopp’s supposedly last release in the album format is streaming in its entirety over at Noisey and Spotify. The LP features collaborations with Swedish pop icon Robyn, Ryan James of Man Without Country and Norwegian singer/songwriter Susanne Sundfør. Jamie McDermott of the Irrepressibles lends his breathtaking vocals to five tracks on the album, each of which being a glamorous little gem of a pop song. The Inevitable End features previous single Running To The Sea (feat. Sundfør) and its marvellous b-side Something In My Heart (feat. McDermott).

On their Youtube, Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge commented on the album: “We feel like this is a goodbye to the traditional album format. In our consecutive run of albums, we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP. We’re not going to stop making music, but the album format as such, this is the last thing from us…

Thank You is the melancholic album closing track, listen above. Monument has been previously featured on Röyksopp’s and Robyn’s collaborative EP Do It Again which was released last May. A new version of the song is also featured on The Inevitable End. The music video for the song is directed by Stian Andersen and was shot on Röyksopp & Robyn’s Do It Again Tour through 2014, watch it below.

Cover Art:
Röyksopp - The Inevitable End (2014)

01. Skulls
02. Monument ft. Robyn (T.I.E. Version)
03. Sordid Affair  ft. Ryan James
04. You Know I Have To Go ft. Jamie McDermott
05. Save Me ft. Susanne Sundfør
06. I Had This Thing ft. Jamie McDermott
07. Rong ft. Robyn
08. Here She Comes Again ft. Jamie McDermott
09. Running to the Sea ft. Susanne Sundfør
10. Compulsion ft. Jamie McDermott
11. Coup de Grace
12. Thank You
13. Do It Again (RYXP Version) [Digital Edition]
14. Goodnite Mr. Sweetheart [Digital Edition]
15. Caramel Afternoon [Digital Edition]
16. Oh No [Digital Edition]
17. Something In My Heart ft. Jamie McDermott [Digital Edition]

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Listen: David Hasert – Return Of The Baby (DAMH Edit)

:: Beautiful track. Well done!


Cover Art:

Artist: David Hasert
Title of Edit: Return Of The Baby (DAMH Edit)
Release Date: October 18, 2014
Label: unknown

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